Do’s and Don’ts of Network Marketing

of Network Marketing

Do you have a enough strong pitch to make people excited about your idea? It’s important to motivate people and provide a reason why people should be game to join Network Marketing.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts of Network Marketing business.

Make three lists- Friends, relatives and acquaintances.

Tell them you are into network marketing.

Use all social mediums to spread a word.

Meet people in person.

Report from ground zero.

Seek guidance from experts.

Be a field person.

Don’t assert, stay dynamic.

Tell them, how it can empower them.

A story can tell a lot. Share other success stories.

Tell people about how they can make it big in a less time.

Prove them you are there to make them earn money.

Make them feel as if they run the company.

Once base is strong, delegate responsibility.

Stay genuine.

Read a lot.

Educate them to all legal aspects.

Stay realistic.

Set goals. Aim higher.

Use technology to leverage business.

Build communities.


Avoid monologue, instead encourage a dialogue. Communications helps.

Never talk low about other rival companies or people.

Never demean your vertical or sector.

Avoid controversial topics.

Never appreciate or credit one person in team for the success you met with.

Bring equality. Shun disparity.

Never show you are from an age where technology is not a buzzword.

Never make a commitment you can’t fulfil.

Be persistent, not aggressive.

Suggest only an idea, which you yourself can easily execute.

Nurture the talent, shun the bogus.

Don’t give up easily .

Don’t sound as if you have no idea on the industry trends globally.

Be a good listener .

Don’t impose.

Encourage innovation in marketing.

Be good, people can see through a sincere person.

Don’t forget to do regular follow ups. Stay punctual.

Chase real targets.

Never impose your modus operandi, instead let them evolve new formulae.

Never follow just one expert, instead you with different ideas.

Don’t oversell.

Stay polite and well behaved even if meeting is not futile.


Wishing you success with your Network Marketing strategy.

What are the do’s and don’t do’s you’ve learned during your network marketing career ?

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